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Zion Community Enterprise, Inc. (ZCE) Logo In November 2015, Zion Community Enterprise, Inc. (ZCE) was incorporated as the not-for-profit 501(c)3 community-based development corporate “arm” of Zion Baptist Church with a mandate to allow for the promotion of healthy communities in the Washington Metropolitan Area by providing critical support to families in crisis. Zion Community Enterprise’s motto is “Healthy Families Make Healthy Communities” and the overarching mission of Zion Community Enterprise is accomplished by encouraging and empowering families through training, advocacy, crisis intervention, temporary housing opportunities and other community engagement programming.

The mission of Zion Community Enterprise encompasses the following core principles: (a) To provide quality day care for seniors and respite care opportunities for families caring for elderly family members; (b) To promote and provide affordable housing options including multi-family housing units and temporary housing for families in transition; (c) To advocate and promote programs and create environments that are conducive to healthy families; and (d) To provide quality training and educational resources such as parenting skills, computer literacy and financial literacy, job readiness training, employment and entrepreneurial development.

Zion Community Enterprise is domiciled at 4850 Blagden Avenue in upper northwest Washington, D.C. (Ward Four). Currently, Zion Community Enterprise provides administrative and financial oversight of the Genevieve N. Johnson Senior Day Care Center through an annual grant provided by the DC Department on Aging and Community Living. In addition, Zion Community Enterprise is focusing on the provision of affordable housing and community development activities that benefit low- and-moderate-income families and persons. It should be noted that Zion Community Enterprise was specifically established to be the community development corporation (CDC) partner of Zion Baptist Church.

The Governing Board of Directors of Zion Community Enterprise that was chosen by Zion Baptist Church for a two-year term (2021-2023) are as follows: Brother David J. Saunders (Chair), Trustee James E. Brown (Vice Chair), Brother Horace Jeffery Abney (Treasurer), Sister Maureen A. Barnes (Secretary), and Rev. Dr. Ella V. Redfield (Chaplain). The Governing Board of Directors will be charged with implementing a five-year strategic plan for Zion Community Enterprise and will provide an annual report of their progress to the members of Zion Baptist Church (i.e. – ZCE stakeholders) detailing the status of ongoing initiatives, activities and programs.

Zion Baptist Church has three properties that it owns outright with the Main Campus and a Family Life Center located in Ward Four of Washington, D.C. and a North Campus located in Wheaton, Maryland. Zion Baptist Church’s real estate development vision is to maintain and expand our senior day care center program at the Family Life Center while also developing affordable senior housing on the Family Life Center. Zion Community Enterprise’s vision is to “repurpose” the existing Family Life Center property located at 4817 Blagden Avenue, N.W. into affordable, safe, and quality housing for seniors located in Ward Four.

Lastly, Zion Community Enterprise will at all times demonstrate its commitment to affordable senior housing development initiatives, both individually and collectively with partnering stakeholders, by actively advocating in our communities and integrating sustainable business practices wherever possible. We will intentionally strive to ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our client’s needs precisely and completely.

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