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Our Program And Services

Alzheimer’s & Caregiver’s Support

GNJ Alzheimer and Caregiver support and program Our Caregiver’s support groups rely on group processes to assist caregivers in developing new competencies and coping strategies related to their caregiver experience. We have created a comfortable setting to offer emotional support, encourage information sharing, and promote skills development. Participation in our GNJ Support group provides a vital opportunity to connect to the community and other caregivers. The support group meets in person on a weekly basis in the caregiver’s lounge or virtually once a month via a conference call. Support is offered to any caregiver regardless of their participant’s cognitive function.

Congregate Meals

GNJ Congregate Meals Program We offer free nutritious meals and snacks on a daily basis. It is our practice to provide meals according to our participant’s nutritional needs and preferences. Our meals are catered daily by run Veggie Catering and consists of a varied menu that is healthy and delicious. In addition, we complete an individualized nutritional assessment upon admission and a dietician is able to follow up with our participants as needed.


GNJ Senior Day Care counseling program We have two Social Workers who are licensed professionals and able to deliver counseling and referral services over the phone, in-person, or via electronic communication. We provide individual counseling to our caregivers and psycho-social wellness intervention to our participants. It is our goal to promote emotional support, mental health intervention and improve coping skills. Our counseling services are short term and solution-focused and may include, but are not limited to, identifying the caregiver’s and the participants personal strengths and abilities, managing both short-term and long-term care decisions and planning, and developing strategies to better manage and cope with their caregiver role and the cognitive limitations of our participants.

Geriatric Daycare Services

Geriatric Daycare Services The GNJ Center provides geriatric daycare services Monday through Friday. This is a very important outlet for family caregivers and is extremely essential for the participant. Our daycare program offers socialization, activities, a nutritious meal, and necessary supervision to those individuals who are socially isolated or in need of essential care and assistance. Caregivers feel confident that their loved ones are in a safe environment and well cared for while they are at work or performing other necessary tasks. The GNJ Center also offers a variety of programs and amenities, including cognitive and medical screening, exercise programs, recreational activities, therapeutic services, and a diverse schedule of engaging activities.

Health Promotions

GNJ Senior Day Care Center Health Promotions Our Health promotions program is provided by our registered nurses, physical fitness experts, and physical, occupational, nutritional, and speech therapy consultants, who are on site as scheduled to promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles through health education, wellness screenings, nutrition, and physical fitness. It is our goal to provide an extensive range of structured programs, resources, and health related activities to educate our participants on how to develop healthy lifestyles to prevent and/or control disease and forestall institutionalization.


GNJ Senior Day Care Center Recreation/Socialization program The participants at the GNJ Center enjoy daily socialization through a variety of recreational programs and through establishing friendships with their peers. It is our goal to provide programs and educational opportunities to allow our participants to function as independently as possible in order to remain in their home environment or local community and to forestall early institutionalization. Such recreational programs include but are not limited to: therapeutic arts and crafts; intergenerational activities; therapeutic yoga, health talks, music therapy; physical fitness; jewelry design, cognitive stimulation; live entertainment, and weekly community excursions.