Phone: (202) 723-8537

About the Genevieve N. Johnson Senior Day Care Center

The Genevieve N. Johnson Senior Day Care Center Program (“Center”) is an Adult Day Care Center domiciled in Zion Baptist Church’s Family Life Center located at 4817 Blagden Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20011. The Center has been in operation for approximately thirty-nine years and incorporates quality day care services for the frail elderly as well as the recreation/socialization for the reasonably healthy elderly persons. The Center is located in Ward Four of the District of Columbia and serves residents age sixty years and older throughout the Washington metropolitan area. The Center is a one-of-a-kind program that combines adult day care services and senior center services.

The overall goal of the Genevieve N. Johnson Senior Day Care Center’s Program is to provide an atmosphere designed to enable families to successfully manage the responsibility of quality care for an elderly or frail senior family member in their home environment. The Center provides various rehabilitative, social and recreational activities and services made possible to maintain a high quality of life and forestall early institutionalization. The participants at the Center enjoy recreation and friendship with their peers as well as receive health education, nutrition and family supportive services via counseling, comprehensive assessments and required resources and services after assessments as well as case management reviews and follow-ups.

The Center provides a very important outlet for family caregivers, as it offers socialization, activities, and necessary supervision to those individuals who are socially isolated or in need of essential care and assistance. Caregivers feel confident that their loved ones are in a safe environment and well cared for while they are at work or performing other necessary tasks. In addition, the Center offers a variety of programs and amenities, including medical screening, cognitive assessment, exercise programs, recreational activities, therapeutic services, transportation and escort services, and a diverse schedule of engaging activities as well as nutritious meals on a daily basis.

For many caregivers, the Center provides them with the adult day care services they need in order to adequately care for their aging spouse or relative. Whether they use the Center for respite services or for daily care so that they can work or tend to other responsibilities this is an important option for family caregivers.

Currently, through an annual grant awarded from the D.C. Office on Aging and Community Living (DCAL), the Center provides: (a) Adult Day Care Services, (b) Recreational/Socialization Activities, (c) Health Promotion, (d) Comprehensive Assessment, (e) Counseling and (f) Case Management. These six components are accomplished through the provision of: (a) Transportation and Escort Services, (b) Congregate Meals, (c) Therapeutic Arts, (d) Inter-generational Activities, (e) Caregiver’s Support Group, (f) Music Therapy, (g) Fit and Wellness Programs, and (h) Outreach to the Local Community

The Center also makes referrals to other services offered to residents of the District of Columbia aged sixty years and older by the D.C. Office on Aging and Community Living (DACL) such as: (a) Caregiver Support, (b) Community and Home-Delivered Meals, (c) Information and Referral/Assistance, (d) Legal Assistance, (e) Long-Term Care Planning, (f) Medicaid Enrollment Assistance, (g) Nutrition Programs, (h) Safe at Home Resources and (i) Nursing Home to Community Living Transition. In addition, the Center collaborates with the D.C. Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) for low-income seniors interested in receiving assistance in completing the necessary government forms for Medicaid benefits and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

The GNJ Center’s minimal admission criteria are as follows: self-toileting, self-feeding, independent mobility, ability to make routine decisions alone, present no threat to self or others, fully vaccinated, sixty years of age or older and a District resident.