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Caregivers’ Lounge™
"Capturing Moments of Compassion"

GNJ SENIOR DAY CARE CENTER Caregivers’ Lounge at center The Genevieve N. Johnson Senior Day Care Center (“GNJ Center”) has designed a specialized “Caregivers’ Lounge” that offers an innovative, compassionate and well-managed program in order to provide appropriate services and support for caregivers in the District of Columbia to include information and assistance, counseling, support groups, training/consultation, respite care coordination and case management services. Moreover, the GNJ Center provides outreach activities to inform and engage citizens across all wards of the city in order to reduce the physical and emotional stress experienced by caregivers which in turn will support them in assisting their loved ones remaining safe as they thrive within in their community.

The “Caregivers’ Lounge” is uniquely designed to serve as a dedicated multi-functional “safe space” for caregivers in order to learn more about available resources, participate in peer support sessions and enjoy get-togethers. At the “Caregivers’ Lounge”, participants can experience self-directed learning sessions to support and enhance their caregiving journey. Caregivers can also get to enjoy some respite time while their care recipients are engaged in activities. The “Caregivers’ Lounge” is perfect for small group sharing sessions and is able to accommodate about twenty (20) persons in a workshop-style setting.

But the “Caregivers’ Lounge” is more than just a gathering place - it is a welcoming environment focusing on getting to know the caregiver and their story. The “Caregivers’ Lounge” provides an unbiased, non-judgmental environment where a caregiver can learn from other caregivers and the staff. The goal of the “Caregivers’ Lounge” is to create a trusted environment that is available whenever needed. Caregivers need their own “safe space” full of compassion, so they can relax and benefit from sharing their concerns about their unique role as caregivers – and that is what the GNJ Center offers through its “Caregivers’ Lounge”.

The GNJ Center realizes that caregivers are not just caregivers – as they not only perform medical care tasks like monitoring prescriptions and scheduling appointments, they are organizing insurance information, coordinating transportation, grocery shopping, preparing meals, managing housekeeping, paying bills and many other responsibilities - often in addition to working full-time jobs, and almost always feeling exhausted and anxious. Most importantly, not only do the caregivers receive from the “Caregivers’ Lounge” the essential help that they need but they will also enjoy being able to offer their own advice and support to other caregivers in the program.

The GNJ Center truly believes that the opportunities to be derived from the “Caregivers Lounge” can provide each participant with an essential role in enhancing the quality of life for themselves and their family members by strengthening positive engagements within communities across the District of Columbia as well as the development of socially responsible citizens. The “Caregivers’ Lounge” was made possible through a special foundation grant from The Washington Homes.

In closing, please consider joining us in the “Caregivers Lounge” every Wednesday evening from 5pm to 7pm at the GNJ Senior Day Care Center located at 4817 Blagden Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. It’s an evening that will definitely allow you some well-deserved respite and networking. The “Caregivers Lounge” is open to all District of Columbia Caregivers. For more information and registration please contact the Genevieve N. Johnson Senior Day Care Center at 202-723-8537 or email us at

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